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Recording Studio in Greenville, South Carolina.


Welcome to Sideways Audio

Recording Studio & Production Services

Sideways Audio is a recording studio providing high quality production services such as recording, mixing, mastering and more.  I’m Mike Horner a Music Producer, Audio Engineer & Multi-Instrumentalist with over 25yrs experience.

We serve artists locally in the Upstate of South Carolina and Globally.

Our goal is to create an experience that addresses your individual needs

and respects the vision for your project.

Let us help you get YOUR sound.


Artists that we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

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Record in a comfortable environment using high quality equipment to get the most professional and competitive results.

Mobile recording is also offered allowing us to come to you.



We take a hybrid approach utilizing both analog hardware and software to create a mix that best represents your vision.  If you already have tracks recorded let us take those recordings to the next level.  We work consistently in multiple genres.



We take advantage of analog hardware and software.  This method allows us to provide you with a competitive radio ready product.  We do not utilize any auto mastering tools.  Each master is done individually in a controlled calibrated environment.  Multiple formats will be provided for your required release medium.


Vocal Tuning

We use a variety of methods of vocal tuning.  Vocal tuning can sometimes be confused with the term auto tune.  Auto tune is more of an effect.  Our vocal tuning is very transparent and is designed just to put the vocal in the pocket with a focus on the overall performance of the vocal.  If you need just tuning or alignment of vocals we can provide those services.


Audio Repair

Our audio repair services consist of noise reduction or removal or unwanted artifacts in the audio.  Perhaps you made a recorded and their is background noise or ambience that you would like cleaned up.  These are all situations we can deal with with our repair services.


Need A Track?

Perhaps you have a song and you need live drums or need a guitar solo added or other instrumentation.  Or maybe some synth or orchestral elements.  We have access to top level players and midi libraries depending on your needs.  If you need a custom track for an event or video we would love to create a track for you.